Reactions to the 2015 Musical Saw Festival

The 11th NYC Musical Saw Festival was a big success, with 60 musical saw players performing! This is the largest number of musical saw players we ever had under one roof!

Musical Saw Festival 2015
Chorus of the Saws – 60 musical saw players playing together
Photographer: Mark Louis

This weekend I attended the 11th annual international musical saw festival in New York, where I performed a section of one-woman show Step Ball Change. It was a roaring success and I had a great time so a big thanks to Natalia Paruz aka the Saw Lady for organizing the event.
Lucy Frost

It was fantastic. All 6 hours of it. I really enjoyed myself!
Mark Louis

Amazing and humbling! Thanks so much
Chance Murray

Astoria Choir at Musical Saw Festival
Musical saw quartet with the Astoria Choir
Photographer: Ignacio Guevara

This was definitely the best festival to date! Looking forward to the next one, stay in touch and Keep The Music Alive!
Albert Matos

Thanks for a wonderful festival! We had so much fun!
Tale Egeberg Aasland

It was Musical Saw Heaven! I could have sat through a week of it.
I was almost dancing all the way back to my hotel because I had two days of saw music ringing in my head. When I got back home to England last night I was bursting to try all of the ideas and tips I had picked up at the festival.
I discussed the possible 2017 saw festival with my wife and son. If there is another festival, we certainly want to come.
I hope to see you in 2017
Steve Hodgson

We really enjoyed the festival.
Sue M.

It was an absolute blast coming to NYC to play and meet you and all the other saw players. I can’t thank you enough for inviting me, and for all the hard work you did to organize the day.
It was a really inspiring trip overall. Thanks for kickstarting me into taking my music around the world!
Emma Kelly

Musical saw duet
Musical saw duet
Photographer: Ignacio Guevara

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  1. Steve Hodgson on June 6, 2015 at 3:38 am

    It was Musical Saw Heaven! I could have sat through a week of it.