Reactions to the 2015 Musical Saw Festival

The 11th NYC Musical Saw Festival was a big success, with 60 musical saw players performing! This is the largest number of musical saw players we ever had under one roof!

Musical Saw Festival 2015
Chorus of the Saws – 60 musical saw players playing together
Photographer: Mark Louis

This weekend I attended the 11th annual international musical saw festival in New York, where I performed a section of one-woman show Step Ball Change. It was a roaring success and I had a great time so a big thanks to Natalia Paruz aka the Saw Lady for organizing the event.
Lucy Frost

It was fantastic. All 6 hours of it. I really enjoyed myself!
Mark Louis

Amazing and humbling! Thanks so much
Chance Murray

Astoria Choir at Musical Saw Festival
Musical saw quartet with the Astoria Choir
Photographer: Ignacio Guevara

This was definitely the best festival to date! Looking forward to the next one, stay in touch and Keep The Music Alive!
Albert Matos

Thanks for a wonderful festival! We had so much fun!
Tale Egeberg Aasland

It was Musical Saw Heaven! I could have sat through a week of it.
I was almost dancing all the way back to my hotel because I had two days of saw music ringing in my head. When I got back home to England last night I was bursting to try all of the ideas and tips I had picked up at the festival.
I discussed the possible 2017 saw festival with my wife and son. If there is another festival, we certainly want to come.
I hope to see you in 2017
Steve Hodgson

We really enjoyed the festival.
Sue M.

It was an absolute blast coming to NYC to play and meet you and all the other saw players. I can’t thank you enough for inviting me, and for all the hard work you did to organize the day.
It was a really inspiring trip overall. Thanks for kickstarting me into taking my music around the world!
Emma Kelly

Musical saw duet
Musical saw duet
Photographer: Ignacio Guevara

Reactions to the 2013 Musical Saw Festival

Musical saw Festival participants
Photographer: Joseph Peknik III

I was glad I could make it… my first one. I was very impressed by all everything. The way it’s put together and run, it flows very well. And you make it look effortless.
Chris P.

Natalia! thank you so much for this awesome experience.
Your passion is magnetic and I’m glad we’ve made contact.
Matt T.

It was great seeing old faces and new and hearing some fantastic playing at the festival today! Nice job as always, Natalia! Thanks for all your hard work.
Adam W.

Had a blast Natalia!!
Pianist/organist Judy D.

Hi Natalia,
Thanks for everything today. I had to leave at 5:45 to get home to start writing, but I had a great time while I was there.
WSJ reporter Andy B.

I just wanted to express again how much fun I had at the Saw Festival! It was an incredible experience.
Walker P.

i had a wonderful time. learned a lot. found out i’m not half-bad but there’s lots of great saws out there. and new and interesting styles etc. thanks natalia!
Tim E.

I enjoyed yesterday’s festival. Glad I went!
Black P.

Russia’s premier TV channel reported on the NYC Musical Saw Festival

Many many thanks to Natalia Paruz for organizing another wonderful day full of singing saws!
Christine S.

Natalia, you rock! That was an amazing festival!
Tine K.

Your festival was absolutely genius!! What an experience to hear you, original pieces, divine sounds, great organization and a very charming announcer. You are truly amazing and I was honored to be at your concert. Hugs from around the corner.

Hi Natalia,
Thank you! I really enjoyed meeting you and listening to the music on Saturday and wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks for having me, and congrats on a terrific event.
Jennifer W.
Wall Street Journal videographer

A fun event as always, Natalia!
Pat M.

I really enjoyed this event! it was great! – Congratulations to Natalia and to everyone involved in the organization of it, all your effort was reflected in a great result. :)
Charles L.

Had the time of my life.. Was wonderful to meet you in person.. Thanx for all your hard work & everyone else who made this event possible…
Jeff J.

thoroughly enjoyable event, lovely to see folks from 2011 and to meet new players and performers.

Scott Munson’s new 4-piece work was outrageously wonderful, a joy to hear and the players–especially the saw player (Natalia)–the epitome of perfection.

Thank you Natalia and Scott and all your assistants for3a wonderful afternoon.
Poet Willa F.

The Saw Festival turned out to be a full house. Great show a usual.
Debra M.

Dear Natalia,
The 10th musical saw festival has again shown your talent for organization and your dedication to the presentation of the musical saw. Each year, I’ve met new friends and chatted with folks I had met in past years. I’ve heard the soloist present diverse styles and have been inspired by the playing. Although I had to leave somewhat early to catch my train, I left with a renewed spirit of inspiration. It was a memorable day and I look forward to next year’s festival!
Thank you for all your efforts,
Stew W.

Think ya have Disneyland beat Natalia. Good work!
Jim L.

Hey Natalia!

I just wanted to let you know what I great time we had!
Can’t wait for next year.
Again many thanks, I had a blast!
Sean T.

Thank you for Saw Fest X, it was SO great!
DJ Bronwin C.

Had a great time at the festival So looking forward to next year!!!!
It was such an awesome festival, so amazing in every way. Just amazing to have so many of us “musical sawyers” gathered together in one place. It was so nice to meet everyone!!
Sandi S.

Dear Natalia,
First of all, congratulations with the success of your 10th festival. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and for me it was an experience of a lifetime.
It was nice to meet you and the other saw players.
Travelling from USA to RSA for a holliday is cheap because you can buy almost R10 for $1. For me it was the opposite and even though I had sponsors, I still had to spend R5 000 from my bank account, but it was worth it.
I obtained a copy of the Wall Street Journal and my sponsors are very pleased,maybe I will get sponsored again next year.
Hannes V.
South Africa

Hi Natalia,
thank you so much for having Adam Wirtzfeld and the Roe Family SIngers at the 10th Annual Saw Festival a few weeks ago on June 1. We had so much fun, as usual! I loved getting to hear so many different players from all over the world again this year. And I once again marveled at how, no matter when the festival is held, it always seems to be on the hottest day possible. ; )
We wish you continued success with your own performances and with the Saw Festival. Here’s hoping it lasts at least another ten years!
Be well,
Quillan R.

The Musical Saw Festival was a Gas- even more than the others I’ve been to- I saw a number of very artistic saw cases, and it seems that more and more good-lookin’ women are taking up the saw…of course I may have enjoyed it more since I got to sit in the back row with the bad kids….
George H.
New York

Hello Natalia,
Thank you so much for all of what you did for me in my recent New York trip.
I came back to Tokyo safely the day before yesterday. I really enjoyed 7 days of New York trip, especially the 10th NYC Musical Saw Festival. It was a great and special opportunity to be able to play musical saw in front of foreign audience for me and exchange friendship with US and international musical saw player. Especially it was a great pleasure that I could meet Natalia “Saw Lady” Paruz, A person leading global musical saw scene.
I hope I can meet you again in the future.
Thank you again, Natalia and all the best,
Shinsaku M.

Hi Natalia,
I think Sawfest was great. I’ve known about it for a long time but this is the first time I came. Great space to have it in as well! One of those cool events that makes NYC great. I hope it continues to grow and grow.

This is Mike Waldeck Jr. from the saw festival this summer. Thanks for having me at the musical saw festival. I had a blast. It’s great to meet other saw players and see that they are all great people as a whole. I feel blessed to be a part of the saw community now. That festival was the highlight of a very busy summer.

Reactions to the 2011 Musical Saw Festival

New York State Assemblymember Aravella Simotas honored the Musical Saw Festival with the following (click on image to enlarge):

Citation of honor from NY State Assemblymember Aravella Simotas

Aravella Simotas
Photographer: Harris Graber

Hi Natalia–
I hope you have had the chance to crash! What a wonderful event you created. I enjoyed every performance and thought the final saw “orchestral” numbers were terrific. I could see everyone taking cues from you. And I also observed so many playing styles, more than i could have imagined.
Best, Willa

Hi Natalia,
Each year my pilgrimage to the saw festival brings new musical surprises, new friends and new techniques that I can try and work on. The talent and diversity in style that was demonstrated by those who participated reflected their dedication to the musical saw and many hours of practice. This, I believe, is the result of the encouragement and the promotion by you through the saw festival. It brings like minded musicians together. Thank you for all the efforts you put into planning this superb festival. I for one look forward to attending again in 2012.
Best wishes,

Hi Natalia,
I hope you have had a chance to relax after another successful festival. Sarah and I had a great time.

Nathan’s daughter, Lillian, was inspired by the art exhibit at the festival and drew this drawing at the festival:

Lillian Carver's drawing

It was an honor to be at the saw festival this year. It was great. Thanks for all your dedication to our unusual but beautiful instrument, the musical saw!
I hope you get some time to recover from this years event. You did a wonderful job with it all and Anne and I wish you the best in the future. It would be awesome to attend again in the future.
Until we meet again,
Rev. Harris | Minister of Music
(North Carolina)

Dear Natali Paruz!
Thank you so much for your festival and perormances!
I was the pianist who came up to you before the concert with my mother.
I wanted to ask if i can set up a lesson with you if you have time.
Sincerely and all the best,

3D video (you need 3D glasses to see it properly)

Thank you Jay Kusnetz for this video

Hi, Natalia. Thank you so very much for all of the time, love and energy that you put into yesterday’s festival.
Enjoy the rest of the summer and take good care!
Many hugs,

congratulations! …on a wonderful event this saturday.
it was lovely playing with you!
warm regards,
RG. (violinist)

Thank you so much for putting together this festival. It was fun and informative and I indeed thought the workshops very interesting and helpful. It was fun joining you for dinner and getting to know you a little bit. I hope to be able to come again next year and will keep working on the “Dyer” Song Blade.
Yours Truly,

The festival was awesome, everyone did a great job, I think the rate this is going you are going to need a bigger place. I enjoyed everyone, of course my most favorite is my husband Steve and Stew, they brought tears to my eyes, I was so proud of them. Thanks for all you do, you are one unique lady, and so is your husband, I know he did alot of work also to pull this off.

Musical Saw Festival Participants
Photographer: Harris Graber

Great event. I loved it. Dinner in the restaurant was fun too!

Great job and a wonderful time at the festival.
Thanks for making this gathering such a success

Great time today and our friends enjoyed it very much!

I didn’t realize the musical saw is so versatile!

Excellent as usual
(visual artist)

Chorus of the saws
Photographer: Harris Graber



Splendid, great, superb




Wonderful time
Steve & Charlene

Wonderful day!

Looking forward to the next Saw Festival! It was an awesome experience.